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Are you in search of the best dry wall and water dry-out / restoration company and services in

Dana Point, California? Do you have water troubles? You can stop your search

because you have come to the right place. As the leading network of water

damage restoration professionals, Drywall Patch Guys of Orange County, Dana

Point, will help you clean up your water damage fast. Whether it is cause by storm

floods, broken pipes, sewage backup, malfunctioning appliances or an over

flowing toilet, our damage specialist will extract the water and dry out your

property fast. Call us (818) 317-6939.

Dana Point is located south of Los Angeles on State Route 1 Pacific Coast Highway.

Situated between the cities of San Clemente and San Juan Capistrano, Dana Point,

population 33,000 (2020 Census), is located on the edge of the Pacific Ocean and

is considered a historical town dating back to the early 1800s. The California

Historical Landmark building figures in prominently as the cornerstone of the old

architecture dating back to 1840 when a Richard Henry Dana visited the area.

Dana, who was also an author, served on a brig during a voyage along the

California coast. Hence, the name, ‘Dana Point’ was established to honor the

coastal town which became a port for bringing in hides. The Drywall Patch Guys

of Orange County, Dana Point, is proud to be associated with the history of Dana

Point and is keenly aware of the special problems moisture can bring to seaside

homes. Our specialty is the prevention by disinfecting the area to prevent mold

from developing over time.

Dana Point was built in the 1960s and dedicated in 1971 with a luxury housing

development. The Strands at Headlands evolved along with the Headlands

Conservation Area. The developers saw the uniqueness of a need to have the

nature preserve to co-exist with the $11 million worth of improvements. This

housing showcase also provided a gateway to The Strands Beach. Today, this

beach is considered one of the top destination for surfing.

Drywall Patch Guys of Orange County, Dana Point, California can provide you the

proper drywall water damage repair service. Whether it is repair of drywall due to


damage from sewage backup, floods from rain storms, appliance that are

malfunctioning or back-up from sewage.

Drywall Patch Guys Of Orange County damage specialists ,will extricate the water

and dry out your property quickly. Call (818)317-6939.

With drywall water mitigation and reconstruction, our company can help with mold

prevention. We disinfect the area and stop mold from forming in your home.

Our specialty is water damage due to leaky roofs, deteriorated and outdated

piping. Water can also penetrate the wall systems such as the interior wood

framing and wallboard.

Drywall Patch Guys of Orange County , Dana Point, California has the technical

knowledge to repair wall damage on the inside. These repairs include drywall

patches, replacing drywall, installing proper amount of insulation, configuring

small and large repair patches, application of texture and smoothing crown wood

molding and baseboards with complete interior and exterior painting. Our

company provides quality repair services by providing free estimates with

competitive pricing .

We are area certified with Google (IICR certified) and listing in Angie’s List (2019)

as a super service award-winning company.

Drywall Patch Guys of Orange County, Dana Point, is proud of this distinction and

our customer satisfaction reviews confirms our dedication to excellent service:

-“These guys are always punctual and show up”

-“Your team worked very clean”

-Great results. Your guys work fast”

-“Like the team who worked above and beyond”

-“The construction crew was punctual and did great work. Very professional”.


Using safe, reliable and payment processing through Pay Pal, our company is set

up to accept most major credit cards and debit cards. You can call our office to

inquire about the pricing details. (818)317-6939.

Drywall Patch Guys of Orange County, Dana Point, charges $199 for the first hour

of each travel to the repair site. These charges are typical check and cash rates for

prepping and patching small areas of drywall but does not include dump disposal

fees for materials. In some cases, some drywall repairs on the ceiling or repairs on

larger areas may require the work of more than one person. In that case, we

would send two or more crafts persons which would require higher rates then

listed above. This would be discussed at the very beginning of the work


We also charge on the zip code locations and some exclusives apply such as same-

day, after hours or weekend service for customers with pre-arranged billing

agreements. Cities that are located outside of our service area of operations may

require additional travel coasts.

If you have further questions regarding pricing, call for details at: (818)317-6939.

Other Important information:

Drywall Patch Guys of Orange County, Dana Point, can complete your next patch

or paint project.