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Are you searching for the best drywall repair company or water restoration services in Mission Viejo California? Living on the coastal lands in southern California next to the Pacific Ocean creates high moisture content and this may have some adverse effects on the building structure of your home.  Damage to drywall due to storm flooding, appliances which can become defective and aging pipe connections or toilets plagued by overflowing can damage a home. Drywall Patch Guys of Orange County, Mission Viejo stands by to address many of these issues ready to assist you with the repairs of dry wall and to perform dry-out and restoration services.

We provide close consultations to questions you may have and answering your questions. In some cases, you may be an absent property owner living elsewhere and we can help you with proper communication for consultations to perform needed repairs for your property in Mission Viejo.

Drywall  Patch Guys of Orange Country, Mission Viejo is available to provide drywall repair at anytime . Call (818) 317-6939.

Mission Viejo, California-Historical Spanish connections

Mission Viejo is located 49 mils southeast of Los  Angeles south of Anaheim and  close to Santa Ana, and north of San Juan Capistrano and San Clemente further south on I-5 toward San Diego to the south. Like some of the other communities in the area which were developed in the mid-1960s, Mission Viejo is considered the largest planned community in the United States.

Mission Viejo is located in the Saddleback Valley of Orange County bounded by a mountain range on the eastside. Interstate 5 which runs nearby  provides easy access to Los Angeles and San Diego to the south.

The city’s name means “Old Mission” and acquisition of the land was through a Spanish land grant from which the community of Mission Viejo, also known as ‘Rancho Mission Viejo’, was founded. Historical records tells the story of a Don Juan Forster, an English born Mexican ranchman who provided horses to the U.S. Military forces when a march began from San Diego to Los Angeles.

Many of the surrounding communities close by such as San Clemente and San Juan Capistrano had their beginnings through Spanish connections and this proved critical in the establishment of these communities.

There is plenty of sunshine to go around and the average temperature in January is 68 degrees and 80 degrees in March with an average rainfall is 14 inches. With the constant Mediterranean climate, this area is ideal for year-around living.

The Drywall Patch Guys of Orange County, Mission Viejo is proud to be a part of the southern California communities.

Drywall Patch Guys of Orange County, Mission Viejo, has the technical knowledge of drywall mold removal. This process involves the use specific tools and to dispose of in a safe manner and disinfecting the living area to make sure that the mold does not return. Our crews are highly skilled in drywall repair water mitigation and reconstruction and are prepared to fix any water damage to the affected area of dry-wall and addressing mold build-up. Regardless of the affected area, Drywall Patch Guys of Orange Country, Mission Viejo, can patch large or small areas and followed by texture and smoothing, crown molding and completing  baseboard  installation and the painting  of reinstalled new drywall.

Drywall Patch Guys of Orange County, Mission Viejo, provides free estimates and competitive pricing.  We are a certified Google-IICRC-certified company as a 2019 award winning drywall repair company and listed in Angie’s List.


With satisfied customers from the past, Drywall Patch Guys of Orange County, Mission Viejo reviews speak for themselves:

“The company offers superfast quotes and set up schedule of repair quickly”

“They are prompt and they show up”

“They are careful of clean up and show up as scheduled and perform great services”

“They are result-oriented and are quick in completing repairs”

“Their prices are great, competitive and quality work”

“Completed work is high quality work”

“They were very reliable and went above and beyond”

“Their crews are considerate and share concerns”

Methods of billing:

We work closely with Pay Pal, an international company as a payment process partner and Pay Pal accepts most debit and credit cards for transactions. Using this billing method is slightly higher but this process is reliable and fast.

Call (818) 317-6939  for information inquiries and quotes for your drywall  and mold removal.


Explanation of rates for travel time of employees:

We have a basic fee of $199 for the first hour of travel time to the job site (minimums of 2 hours for one employee). Some of the repair tasks are more involved than others. For example, replacing a damaged wall board and applications of drywall on the ceiling may require more than one person to set wall board and apply the patching mix which would require two crafts persons to handle heavy pieces of wallboard and patching mix application. In addition, crafts people may have to dispose of materials that are damaged by water or mold as well which may incur disposal fees for dumping. Increasing manpower to complete the project would increase the fees listed above. Our company would advise you in advance for adding costs.

We use postal zip codes to identify the location of job sites and the pricing of the job is determined using these factors. Other exclusions include prices for ‘same-day’, ‘after hours’ or services for the weekend. Traveling outside of our service area (as identified by zip codes), will increase travel costs.

Any questions you may have about any of the above concerns can be answered by calling (818) 317-6939.

Drywall Patch Guys of Orange County, Mission Viejo, can provide you with a quote for any drywall repair or mold removal.

Don’t forget the following points:

01.-Licensed  as  general contractor with California State Licensed Board (1045567) for 60 years.

02.Insured –Our employees and customers are insured as we work on your property. We care about your safety welfare.

03.Skilled Team –are experienced in the field as well as those who work in the office to answer inquiries about pricing and determine scope of work.

Drywall Patch Guys of Orange County, Mission Viejo  guarantees warranty on all work performed. We want your satisfaction for services rendered. We want your business and we are licensed, bonded and insured drywall contractor.

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